Giovani Illuminati

Unity is strength. When Eugenio, leader of Eugenio in Via Di Gioia, asked me on January 15th if I wanted to make the video for their single “Giovani Illuminati” I jumped for joy. It was 2 years since I produced a video in timelapse and here the bet was to do it in less than 30 days, in winter, with 3 moves in the middle -> CHALLENGE ACCEPTED

We met a couple of times to get to know each other and understand the purpose of the video in a general way.

The song immediately struck me as very different from the previous songs (the Eugenio in Via di Gioia are born as street performers while in this song and in the new album they dedicated a great attention to the sound experience, which I love).
About half of the sequences come from my past travels (Australia, Italy, France …) while other scenes have been unpublished for the video.


The scenes with the chair were taken by moving the camera every time the chair moved. Having the 5D to 30 cm from the ground has made the shooting days a sort of Iron Run (imagine making a bend every photo, for 600 photos)

For the single scene of the candle that is consumed 2400 photos were taken within 10 hours

Giovani Illuminati

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