Brisbane Hyperlapse 2013

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I landed in Brisbane the February 7, 2013.
After 43 days in photographs and post production, more than 4500 photos, I finished my first timelapse dedicated to the city that hosted me so far, “Brisbane”. For those who follow my timelapse knows that this is the first time that I choose as a subject a city environment … Squares, churches, palaces … All subjects that did not previously considered and that this “metropolis” I had the pleasure to shoot. Many shots are being made within the city center, Queen Street Mall, King George Square, Southbank … this because I am without a car and I travel using public transportation.
  In this timelapse I’ve also included for the first time a few Hyperlapse ie where a timelapse between shots and the other one moves from a few centimeters to a few meters depending on the distance to the subject.


  • CLIENT: Personal Project
  • DATE RELEASED: Mar 24 2013
  • CATEGORIES: Videoclip & Timelapse
  • TAGS: Timelapse, Videoclip, Music
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