Dark Skies

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We have always been fascinated by the stars, the sensation of peace and infinite that we feel looking for hours the “dark skies” upon our heads. This kind of experience requires certain condition to be enjoyed in it best. The amount of lights in the city and in the nearest suburbs is the biggest obstacle between us and the firmament. If in Europe you have difficulty finding a place with low light pollution in Australia is sufficient to drive a few hours to enjoy the night sky in its most brighter majesty.


June 2013 – My friend David arrived from Italy in Brisbane to spend two weeks with me travelling around South East Queensland. During this period we had the chance to enjoy togheter for the first time Australian’s dark skies. Glass House Mountains, Maleny, Toowoomba…
In one of those trips I remember a chat in a service station dreaming about other trips, projects and video…

January 2014 – We arrived again in Australia to stay until August.

Almost a year later we had the same discussion of staione service, about travel …timelapse… video.
We built a small project and contacted the people who could help us.

Procam-hire and Jucy Rentals responded to our call giving us the best equipment we could wish for and a vehicle appropriate for the occasion …
We traveled over and over again during the span of the experience in Australia, accompanied by friends, swimwear, tripods and lenses until it it was time to go home in Italy.

This timelapse showcase aim to be also a celebration of our dreams, our experience… Everything is possible if you just want to do anything is necessary to achieve your dream.

I would like to thanks once again our sponsors Jucy (jucy.co.nz) and Procam (hire.pro-cam.com.au) for their precious help.
A huge thanks goes also to all the people that supported our project, the brothers and sisters we met in the sharehouse were we lived for 8 months, surrounded by beautiful people from all around the world.


  • CLIENT: Personal Project (Sponsored)
  • DATE RELEASED: Nov 24 2014
  • CATEGORIES: Videoclip & Timelapse
  • TAGS: Timelapse, Videoclip, Music
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