64 Timelapse @Eataly Torino

Non è la prima volta che entro da Eataly con una telecamera in mano, l’anno scorso ho realizzato alcuni video per eventi legati al cibo in questa mecca del cibo di qualità. La consegna era realizzare un video in timelapse […]

Supercoppa 2018 Old Wild West

Ho iniziato ad appassionarmi al basket non per volontà, ma per necessità. Non sono mai stato un grande tifoso ma l’adrenalina degli ultimi secondi di gioco giuro di sentirla anche se ho due camere in mano e non saprei distinguere […]

Giovani Illuminati

Unity is strength. When Eugenio, leader of Eugenio in Via Di Gioia, asked me on January 15th if I wanted to make the video for their single “Giovani Illuminati” I jumped for joy. It was 2 years since I produced […]

Finished Not Perfect

I wanted to create something with all the footage I had. This is a video-collection of the past three years experimenting with timelapse. I’ve choosen a track that has three (or four) different moods. I enjoyed the three music-twist to […]

Dark Skies

June 2013 – My friend Davide arrived from Italy in Brisbane to spend two weeks with me travelling around South East Queensland.

This is Brisbane 2014

From Youtube description: This Is Brisbane 2014 is a personal hyperlapse and timelapse project consisting of over 20,000 still photographs shot on the Canon 5D Mark2 and 7D between September 2013 and March 2014 around Brisbane, Australia. After one year […]

Brisbane Hyperlapse 2013

43 days between photographs and post production I finished my first timelapse dedicated to the city that has hosted me so far, “Brisbane”. For those who follow my timelapse knows that this is the first time that I choose as […]


In this video i used over 4500 photos to compose a timelapse sequence. I spent lot of time making this video, I traveled to Sicily, the Piedmont and the Trentino’s region in Italy. I chose to use the mirror effect […]