Dario Calì (also known as Daduxio) is a freelance filmmaker and photographer grown in Italy.

He started at 12 years old playing with his little camera and Adobe Premiere. Over time he has become more passionate about the timelapse technique and has specialized in the production of long-term timelapse sequences, always trying to maintain the highest quality and minimum standards for professional sequences. His goal is to create high quality footage for his clients, whether they're Hollywood directors or small business owners looking to amp up their productions. Dario traveled all around Europe and Australia and is ready to supply you with the best that video production has to offer, remaining versatile in any situation, it is ready to work inserted in a large troupe or in the "one-man-band" style.

For over 10 years he taught in schools how to interact with digital tools, mixing the lessons with games, exercises and tests played through the animation technique. With the boys he produced over 50 short films.

His passion is music, perhaps more than a passion is a disease! From April 2011 he creates a playlist every month that collects all the most beautiful songs of that period. He played for several years in a band and then devoted himself to experimenting with digital music through numerous MIDI devices (from akai to Makey Makey supports) and different software. This is the reason why Dario puts the same passion and energy when it is time to devote himself to the sound aspect of a project. For him a multimedia product is 50% Video and 50% audio.