Long term Timelapse

Long term time-lapse is time-lapse photography captured from a single vantage point over a period of days, months or even years. As the name suggests, it’s simply a time-lapse project that goes for a long time! Generally, long term time-lapse is used to capture construction projects, but the method has also been used to capture other evets such as changing seasons and Arctic ice movement.  

How does it works? / Come funziona?

A SLR installed inside a box takes pictures by means of an interval timer for the whole duration. Files are saved on a memory card. The box is powered by a 12V battery that is automatically recharged via a solar panel.  

I built hardware in a traditional but effective way. The box is suitable for taking up construction sites, fields and interiors. With IP66 permeability it is able to withstand all kinds of weather.

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