Timelapse & Hyperlapse

What is a time-lapse video?

Time-lapse is a cinematic technique in which each frame of the final movie is captured in a certain amount of time (which is why it is called ‘time-lapse’) that is longer than the one in which it appears.

Thanks to this method of capture of the scene we are able to speed up the time that passes to such an extent that we can illustrate something that would not normally be noticeable (for example:  the relative motion of the stars;  the simple movement of the clouds; the melting of ice cubes in a glass of orange juice, and so on.)

The technique of time-lapse is capable of producing fantastic results, and its application can cover anything from nature documentaries to the realisation of a business clip or to the simple telling of a story.

With hyper-lapse we indicate that type of time-lapse that are realised in motion in a broad physical spacewithout the support of a motorised slider/dolly, that would generally cover distances between 50cm and 200cm.

Imagine then a time-lapse where, during the pause between a shot and the other, every time the camera is moved a few inches.

How time-lapse video can help you?

Timelapse is a very versatile technique and has the function of showing the passage of time. With multi-axis motion control hardware, I can create unique and creative cinematic sequences to add to your production or projects.
To add further dynamism, hyperlapse is perfect. It allows you to show large spaces, through fluid movements.

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