Hello! I'm Dario Calì

I'm a Video producer located in Torino, Italy. I love all the MULTI-MEDIA either audio, images or symbols.

Photographer, filmmaker and musician, I’m a professional timelapse and video producer. I specialize in a variety of time-lapse techniques that include motion controlled shots, HDR, and hyperlapse. My goal is to create high quality footage for my clients, whether they’re Hollywood directors or small business owners looking to amp up their productions. I traveled all around Europe and Australia and I’m ready to supply you with the best that video production has to offer. I’m passionate about everything related to multimedia, new technologies and how these can be used in a recreational-educational process, I lead workshops in elementary and middle schools playing and learning how to use every-day digital technologies to create creative multimedia content.


My skills

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Here’s few  clients I’ve worked with so far

Fiat Diageo Australian Business school Shorthand North South Real Estate Multiker

I lead workshops in schools to create creative multimedia contents with every-day thecnologies


I work since 2006 with the association "Multiker, the many creativity." For years I carry out recreational-educational workshops in elementary and middle schools. The kids, through games and experiments with new technologies, acquire a critical and creative way of the "Multimedia World" in which they live.


The Association “Multiker. The many creativity “brings together numerous people, organizations, associations that have decided to work together in order to enhance the playful performance and artistic expression animation in different contexts of social territory: the education, health, educational, recreational, etc.
The Multiker targets can then summarize in the following way:
1) spread the practice of the game and animation as tools to enable educational processes;
2) develop projects aimed at the development of personality, the strengthening of the expressive and creative skills, knowledge and protection of the environmental, historical, artistic and cultural;
3) to explore new methods and techniques for the involvement of children, teenagers and adults in recreational activities and expression;
4) create research opportunities, exchange, training and refresher courses for teachers, educators and animators.



I'd really love to hear from you so why not drop me an email and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.


I would really love to help you create a stunningly beautiful record of your idea.  Give me a call today to chat over your plans and wishes.  If you would like me to call you, simply fill in the contact form and Iwill get back to you within 12 hours.




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