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Dario Calí

Timelapse & Video producer

I’m a professional timelapse and video producer. I specialize in a variety of time-lapse techniques that include motion controlled shots, HDR, and hyper. My goal is to create high quality footage for my clients, whether they’re Hollywood directors or small business owners looking to amp up their productions. I traveled all around Europe and Australia and I’m ready to supply you with the best that video production has to offer.

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    • Digital media
    • Study
    • Parties
    • Trade

    I graduated at Australian Business School in Certificate II in Information, Digital Media I traded the course in Digital Media for a commercial video for the school itself

    • Video production
    • Real estate
    • Improved English

    After I released the video "Brisbane Hyperlapse" I started to work as video producer for many company in Brisbane and suburbs creating ad-hoc commercials for various clients such as:

    • NY Media
    • Oxmar Properties
    • North South Executive Rentals
    • Australand
    • Tap King Plumbers
    • Primitive Surf
    During my experience as a video producer in Australia I learned to communicate with customers with technical language, and I have greatly improved my knowledge of English.

      I published, almost as a joke a series of sequences of Brisbane on Vimeo, Sunday evening I entered the description, made from uploading and I went to sleep. Monday I woke up with 500 views, not bad! I start as my usual to share the video with stakeholders: facebook, email, google ... Meanwhile on Vimeo views begin to rise, the first sprout like and comments, noon views have doubled ... Monday, the video had been viewed 2,800 times. After two days I get a comment on facebook saying "I think your video is on the first page of the Courier Mail" ... believe it, I do not go to check, I remain speechless ... The views and take off on my facebook page begins to arrive people, so many people ... I slap shot to try to wake up but nothing happens ... I want to point out that the most "popular video I did was a video clip to an Italian rapper who today has reached 7000 views, published in July 2012, Wednesday night my video reaches 13,000. The video has been shared by the major newspapers of Queensland, from Canon's official page Australia and Gizmodo Australia magazine as well as on many blogs ... I met the mayor of Brisbane who wanted me to know after watching the video, he showed me with his assistant all the rooms of the town which has recently been reopened after a long time.

        Video Production

        • Video
        • Experience
        • Editing
        • Public relation

        This was my first experience as a freelance filmmaker. I moved into a house with a friend who worked in the theater world. In these years I have dedicated myself to do more possible experiences making music videos for emerging artists, videos for corporate conferences. I realized several videoclip such as:

        • Sklero Man feat. DJ Gengis Khan - Rabbia Mentale
        • Noà - Sono io feat. Lefty
        • Wild Boars - Momenti di libertà
        I created eight videos that have been implemented in a play created by the "OPS" company of Turin with several replicas nationwide I directed and edited seven video for CO.RE.COM to be projected in a conference in the Carignano theatre in Turin


        • Copywriting
        • Brainstorming
        • Coffee

        I got this job after having participated and won a competition among hundreds of participants. The aim was to create a video with the theme "Indiscipline of Communication". This supplier is a subsidiary of the famous company "Armando Testa" specialised on advertising for more than forty years. I participated in the creation of advertising for the following companies:

        • Biraghi
        • Esperienza Italia
        • Lavazza
        • Alfa Romeo (MiTo, 4C)
        • Kinder
        • Marella and iBlues (Max Mara)
        • Vertical Stage Session
        • Paratissima 2010 (WRITEAT)
        • Riviera Dei Fiori
        • Ecolamp
        • Ecopack

        During this experience, I participated in the production of an episode of "Le Iene" with Marco Berri broadcast on Mediaset channel.


        • Web editor
        • Photo and Video Postproduction
        • Flash web design

        This opportunity was my first experience with the world of work. I took care of providing multimedia support such as photos and videos for the creation of the following Internet sites:

        • lagracchia.com
        • rifugiogastaldi.com
        • delfiniempa.it
        • antescena.org
        • scuolecambianopeceto.it
        • caffeletterariochieri.it
        • attrezzauto.com
        • ilnocciolo.com
        • kgproduction.it

        Video Production

        • Video production
        • Drinking
        • Editing
        • Travel

        During this month I have created several videos for DIAGEO and SMIRNOFF following their presentations throughout Italy. I travel around Turin, Milan, Rome and Naples filming classy events in beautiful locations. I've been videographer, Director and editor for the realization of numerous videos for promotional purposes.

        Stace thecnician

        • Theatre
        • Travel
        • Fun

        I worked for a year the theater company LA TURCACANE in the representation of a play called "Pinocchio This is different." The numerous replies allowed me to travel between Italy and France operating on the scene as technician, sound engineer and lighting technician.


        • Photography
        • Drinking
        • and some studies 🙂

        I graduated in 2009 in Turin in Visual Art and Comunication at "Primo Liceo Artistico" During these years I have learned the basics of communication and artistic techniques. draw has never been my dowry but digital technologies have allowed me to express myself through multimedia projects and on occasion led me to win contests


        • Games
        • Childrens
        • Teamwork

        In this course I have learned to manage and animate groups of children for a variety of activities. I learned the basics of animation through games, lectures by studying the techniques of the game from the psychological and ergonomic standpoint.

        My life before

        • Travel
        • Friends
        • Music

        I love photography and videoediting, that’s my passion. I love to travel. I love music and I play the guitar, the bass and the drums. I'm a flagman since 1998, a traditional sport in my country that involves stamina, strenght and coordination. Over the years I made numerous clips for personal purposes in order to improve my skills in creating new multimedia products, these are available on the internet, via alias on the Web "Daduxio."


        What I do?





        Video Production



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        After Effects




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